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Double-Hung Windows

A popular choice among customers due to their aesthetic and functionality, double-hung windows feature a timeless design and with versatile color options, styles, and two check-rail options available. Double-hung windows enhance ventilation because the upper and lower sashes can slide vertically to open. Additionally, both sashes can tilt for easy cleaning. As double-hung windows won’t protrude outward, they’re a safe choice for modern or historic homes with rooms facing walkways or patios.

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Double-Hung Windows
Why Choose Double-Hung Windows
To allow for easy opening and closing of the sashes, spring-powered balances are used to counterbalance the sashes.
Since inward tilting of both sashes is able to be done one-handed, you are provided with a safe and effortless cleaning experience and excellent ventilation.
Appreciate an elegant, hand-crafted, traditional appearance due to the mortise-and-tenon frame and sash construction.
Customizability is at the forefront with three sash options and two check rail designs to match any aesthetic, including restoration and renovations projects where historical accuracy is a must.
Quality and Comfort
These windows employ an exceptional automotive quality, three-piece weatherstripping system ensuring protection against drafts and water infiltration. Additionally, the superior weather tightness even helps reduce sound transmission for a quieter living space.


The availability of colors, customizable options, and hours of operation may vary. In order to determine the specific options available in your area, please contact us to schedule an in-home consultation. 

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Double Hung windows enjoy widespread popularity as a preferred window replacement style in the United States. Not extending beyond the exterior, these windows are particularly well-suited for openings adjacent to decks, patios, or walkways.

Discover the benefits of Double Hung windows in this versatile video, highlighting their seamless integration into your home’s aesthetics and functionality.


What is a double-hung window?

Double-hung windows have two operable sashes (that’s just a fancy term for the actual window panel) that can slide vertically within the frame. This allows for both the upper or lower sashes to be opened to help increase ventilation.

Some double-hung windows have the option of being tilted inward for easier cleaning (Renewal by Andersen double hung windows have this feature for your convenience).

What is the main drawback to the use of a double hung window?

One potential drawback of double-hung windows is that they may obstruct your view and hinder the entrance of natural light into your home due to the horizontal sash rails that run across the middle of the window.

Why are double-hung windows better?

There’s several reasons double-hung windows are one of the most popular window choices amongst homeowners.

1. Timeless aesthetic – They complement a range of architectural styles (and can boost curb appeal if you’re looking to sell).
2. Air quality – Due to each sash being able to open, they provide increased ventilation which can improve air quality.
3. Functionality – Each sash tilts inward for easy cleaning.

What is a double hung window vs casement?

Double-hung windows feature two operable sashes that slide vertically in the window frame.

Casement windows feature a hinge on one side and a crank that allows the window to swing open outward.

The major differences are in ventilation and view, you get more of both with casement windows. The horizontal rail on double hung windows obstructs view. Moreover, while each sash is operable on double hung windows, casement windows open entirely letting more air through.

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