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Sliding Frenchwood® Patio Doors

Frenchwood sliding doors, commonly called gliding doors, are a stylish alternative to stand French doors. They provide the same aesthetic appeal but maximize floor space for furniture and walkways. Available in multiple interior finishes, including ready-to-paint, sliding Frenchwood patio doors feature a rigid vinyl sheath for a low-maintenance yet attractive appearance. With reach-out locks for enhanced security, the sliding Frenchwood patio door is both functional and beautiful.

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Sliding Frenchwood® Patio Doors
Why Choose Sliding French Patio Doors Windows
Simple Operation
For easy operation sliding French patio doors feature dual ball-bearing rollers, self-contained leveling adjusters, and climate-neutral performance even in the toughest environments.
Rigid vinyl sheath on the frame provides durability and minimal maintenance, while between-the-glass blinds offer added privacy.
Peace of Mind
Multiple locking points ensure solid, secure construction for added level of security.
To keep your home draft free and provide energy saving the doors feature continuous weatherstripping and interlocking design.
Doors come in single or multi-panel configurations, as well as custom sizes. Customize your sliding Frenchwood patio door to match almost any style with multiple grille, color, and hardware options.

One potential drawback of sliding French doors is that they may not provide as wide an opening as traditional French doors, as only one panel slides to open at a time.


Renewal by Andersen sliding Frenchwood patio doors can be customized to fit any aesthetic.


What is a French sliding patio door?

A French sliding patio door combines the space-saving benefits of a sliding door with the classic look of a French door, featuring two or more glass or wood panels with one or more panels able to slide along a track.

Is it better to have sliding or French doors?

Whether it’s better to have sliding or French doors depends on personal preference and specific needs. Sliding doors are typically less expensive and require less maintenance, while French doors add elegance and charm, and may offer better insulation and soundproofing.

Do patio French doors add value to your home?

Patio French doors can add value to a home by improving its overall curb appeal, increasing natural light, and creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. The extent of added value will depend on factors such as the quality of the door, condition of the rest of the home, and the overall real estate market.

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