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Sliding windows, commonly called gliding windows, have top-to-bottom ventilation, large glass area and space saving horizontally gliding sashes. They can open either to the left or to the right. Additionally, both sashes can glide or you can choose for only one to glide. Furthermore, Renewal by Andersen sliding windows glide smoothly on easy-to-maintain tracks and can be lifted out for easy cleaning from inside the home.

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Gliding & Sliding Windows
Why Choose Gliding & Sliding Windows
The gliding roller system is easy to operate and features self-lubricating rollers and stainless-steel axles.
The dual-monorail tracks and rounded sill corners provide lift-out access for the most effortless glass cleaning from inside of the home.
Enjoy superior weather tightness due to our patented water-management technology designed to direct water away from the window quickly and efficiently and our exclusive sliding weather-stripping system that guards against drafts and water infiltration.
With Renewal by Andersen sliding windows, you get an ultra-strong package of elegance and a traditional, hand-crafted look due to the mortise-and-tenon construction combined with Fibrex composite framing material.
Gliders are perfect for maximizing view and ventilation and can be made small to large. They are an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways, porches, decks, patios, or landscaping, and are also well-suited for egress windows.

One thing to note is that typically sliding windows can be a pain to maintenance because they aren’t usually removable and the track can become quite dirty over time causing the window to stick. However, Renewal by Andersen sliding windows have remedied these issues by offering windows with convenience lift-out access and easy-to-maintain tracks so cleaning is a breeze.


Renewal by Andersen sliding and gliding windows can be customized to fit any aesthetic.

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What is a gliding window?

A gliding window slides horizontally on tracks, allowing the window sash to move smoothly from side to side. One or both sashes can be capable of gliding. These windows are also referred to as sliding windows or slider windows and are very popular in modern homes.

Are sliding windows less expensive?

Sliding windows are one of the most affordable window options. They are typically less expensive than casement windows, but are comparable in price to double hung windows.

What is the difference between gliding and sliding windows?

Nothing! “Gliding windows” and “sliding windows” are often used interchangeably to refer to windows that slide horizontally on tracks.

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