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Bay and bow windows, commonly called projection windows, add architectural interest and maximize room space in your home. While bay windows and bow windows both increase curb appeal, open a room, and allow in more light, the difference lies in their structure. Bay windows feature three sides and are available in four projection angles. Whereas, bow windows form a gentle arc of four, five or six windows.

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Bay / Bow Windows
Why Choose Bay Windows
Expanded view
Offer up to double the field of vision of standard picture windows.
Natural light
Put simply, more glass means more light. Configure your windows for maximum ventilation and extra light. For example, putting a picture window in the center, flanked by two casement windows.
Stay comfortable with weathertight performance due to R-9 or R-21 foam insulation, Tyvek Weatherization, flashing, tape, paper and vented soffit panels that allow air circulation to the exterior frame.
Enjoy expanded room space with projection windows that allow for the option of extra seating, additional storage or even a cozy reading nook.
While bays suit modern or contemporary homes, bows are a Victorian hallmark. However, with the various grille, color and hardware options offered at Renewal by Andersen, projection windows can suit almost any home style.

One potential downside to bay or bow windows is the maintenance. Due to their size and potential location within your home, they may be more difficult to upkeep than standard single-hung or double hung-windows.


Renewal by Andersen bay and bow windows can be customized to fit any aesthetic.

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Versatile and transformative, a bay and bow window effortlessly complements any home. These windows have the remarkable ability to flood your living spaces with abundant natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere, and offering panoramic views of the breathtaking outdoors.

Discover how a bay and bow window can elevate the aesthetics and ambiance of your home while connecting you with the beauty of the surrounding environment.


What is a bay window?

Bay windows, also called projection windows, protrude outward from the wall of a home, typically in a polygonal shape, creating a small alcove or nook inside of the room. Some double-hung windows have the option of being tilted inward for easier cleaning (Renewal by Andersen double hung windows have this feature for your convenience).

What is the average cost of a bay window?

Basic bay window with installation typically ranges from $1000 to $4000. On the other hand, the final cost can be higher for larger or custom designed bay windows.The average cost of a bay window in the US can vary greatly depending on things like the size of the window, the materials and the location of the home.

What's the difference between a bay and bow window?

Both these windows are commonly called projection windows and protrude outward creating additional space in the room. However, the major difference is the shape. Bay windows are typically polygonal with three windows. Whereas, bow windows offer a more curved shape with four or more windows.

Are there different types of bay windows?

Yes. In fact, there are four types of bay windows.

Canted bay windows – These are probably what you think of when picturing a bay window. They’re similar to the box bay, but these feature a flat front panel flanked by angled panels on either side.

Box bay windows – These are so named due to their square shape. They have a flat front and the side panels are set at a 90 degree angle from the front panel.

Oriel bay windows – These are the oldest type of bay window. They’re built into the side of the home but do not touch the ground, so they can be found on any story of structure. For structural integrity, they typically feature decorative brackets or corbels.

Circle bay windows – These windows are similar to bow windows with the major distinction being the number of panels. While both window types offer a curved shape, circle bay windows have three large window panels versus bow windows that have four or more window panels.

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