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Non-traditionally shaped windows are referred to as “specialty windows.” Specialty windows can be used alone or combined with other windows for a dramatic look. These windows can add character, enhance curb appeal, create a beautiful focal point, and increase natural light. Specialty windows can be made to match specific design periods or styles or create a new one.

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Specialty & Custom Windows
Why Choose Specialty or Custom Windows
Light hard-to-reach spaces or create unique looks. We offer low-maintenance designs so you can simply relax and enjoy the view.
Strong seal for energy efficiency even at large sizes.
Patented Fibrex® material supports heavy glass, allowing for thin frames and maximal glass space for incredible views and lots of light.
We offer 16 standard shapes with customization options. They can combine seamlessly with other windows, and can be customized with our wide selection of grilles, glass patterns, and trims to create the perfect look for your home.

One thing to consider with specialty windows is that they are typically for aesthetic purposes only, which calls functionality into question. They may not open, which would limit ventilation. They tend to have unique shapes, which could make maintenance more difficult. Additionally, they can often be more expensive because they’re custom. Consider these things when deciding if specialty windows are right for you.


Renewal by Andersen specialty windows can be customized to complement any home.

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At Renewal by Andersen, we craft our specialty windows using Fibrex®, a remarkable material known for its low maintenance properties while offering the timeless beauty of a wood interior. Experience the perfect blend of durability and elegance as our specialty windows, meticulously constructed with Fibrex®


What is a speciality window?

A specialty window features a unique or non-traditional shape/design, such as a triangular or hexagonal shaped window. Specialty windows are often used to add architectural interest to a home or to complement your home’s style.

Why are custom windows so expensive?

Custom windows are typically made to order and feature non-standard designs which require extra time and effort to ensure the correct measurements and make sure specifications are met. Because of this, custom windows tend to be more expensive than standard windows. Furthermore, custom windows sometimes require specialized materials and manufacturing techniques which can further increase costs.

Do windows increase property value?

Absolutely. Installing new, high-quality windows can increase property value and increase curb appeal in a variety of ways. New windows often boost the energy-efficiency of the home, reduce noise, and increase security, all of which are attractive features to buyers. However, how much the property value increases is going to depend on the local real estate market and the overall condition of the rest of the property.

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